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Hair Transplant Treatment





makes you younger


Hair transplant treatment

Are you not satisfied with hair loss?


Many men and women sooner or later suffer from baldness. We offer an affordable solution for baldness:


                   Sapphire FUE hair transplant


                       DHI methode treatment.


During a hair transplant, your own hair is moved to where your hair has fallen or has become thinner.

In western European countries a hair transplant is a costly treatment. A hair transplant in Turkey is a very affordable alternative: you pay almost half of the amount you would pay in the European western countries.

Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you.

Your Package includes

  • Three days treatment, FUE or DHI technique,  in a modern fully equipped private hospital

  • Highly experienced hair specialist who operates by himself

  •  Pick-up and return service from and to airport and all ground transfers

  • Guiding de costumer during his/her stay.

  • Includes accommodation and foods in a 5 star Luxury Royal hotel.

  • All medicines before and after the operation included

  • Mini city trip

  • 24/7 whatsapp support lifetime

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A hair transplant: a permanent solution;
A wig or hairpiece is not an option for many people and the use of hair growth medicines or medicines does not offer a solution. In most cases, a hair transplant is the only real solution. If you send us 5 different photos, our hair specialist can assess this and give you advice on the number of grafts needed. You will receive a quote from us that shows you where you stand

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The hair specialist is very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience with hair transplants. His experience is 17 years. We are proud that our doctor operates by himself !

Before and after pictures of our costumers

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Although the history of hair transplantation goes back to many years, new methods have been developed as a result of experimental studies, such as DHI Hair Transplantation (Direct Hair Implantation).

The most important difference between DHI hair transplantation method and FUE hair transplantation method is the canal opening. In the DHI hair transplantation technique, the canal opening method is not applied as in the FUE method. The roots placed inside the implant pen are directly implanted according to the directions of the hair follicles providing a more normal look.

With both hair transplantation methods, you can return to your normal life in less time.

If you want to get high technology health services at a reasonable price, Aesthetic Care Services is the right place for you.​

Just by sending us your pictures you can get a personal advise and a free quotum. Ask us today!

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