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Our work areas in Turkey                   are in 
      Antalya & İstanbul

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Medical and health tourism is growing very fast in the world markets in recent years. Turkey is also investing millions of dollars to support the

increase in this demand with long-term strategies and so Istanbul and Antalya al are working hard to be on top for the race. For those interested in

taking care of their medical problems across the border, Aestheticarea is Your trusted partner.

More than 20 million people travel worldwide for medical treatment and surgery. Turkey is in demand among medical tourists for their accredited

hospitals, quality of service and affordable health care. Majority of medical tourists prefer to travel for medical and health tourism;

Cosmetic & Aesthetic Surgery such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction, facial-nose-chin-body-hip aesthetics,

dermatology and gynaecology.

Hair transplant operations

Dermatological treatments such as acne, dermatitis, eczema, yeast infection, rosacea, skin cancer, herpes or warts

- Dentistry such as dental implants, whitening, dental treatment and care- Cardiology & heart surgery such as bypass and valve replacement

- Laser eye surgery- Orthopedic operations

- Oncological treatments

- Checks, scans, diagnostics and many other treatments

Take advantage of the discounts that aesthetic area offers you.
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