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About Us

After a thriving career in many different healthcare companies, Aesthetic Care Services was developed by Mesut Avci in 2014. All members of our team are motivated, result-oriented and they have helped us to make what we are today. Aesthetic care services has a wide network of experienced doctors, coaches, and professionals. We are committed to helping people improve their appearance. It is a journey that we embark on together. “Mr. Mesut Avci will collect you personally from the airport and will be your guide during your stay. He arranges all aspects of your trip.

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“After living and working in the medical sector in the Netherlands for 25 years, I followed my dream and started a medical tourism company in Turkey”. Since 2014, we have been active in the cosmetic medical sector with complete satisfaction. Many satisfied customers have preceded you all over the world and trust Aesthetic Care Services.

We work with you to create a plan that takes into account all your needs".


Mr. Mesut Avci

Founder  & General Manager

We meet the highest regional and international standards and we only work with professional that score well. Our wishes with clinics come first and you will benefit optimally from our knowledge and experience.

About the Medical Clinics

Ultra-modern clinics.

The clinics has all the facilities to carry out aesthetic surgerys..The clinic works with the latest equipment. The team that provides your treatment has a lot of experience and is aware of the latest techniques. Turkey has a good reputation to uphold when it comes to aesthetic surgerys. There is a lot of knowledge and expertise available and that certainly applies to our specialists.

The clinic has a good reputation and hundreds of people have gone before you. When you read the customer experiences, you will notice that our customers are very positive about both the clinic and the hair physician. You undergo a modern and successful treatments in our clinic, where you can also save thousands of euro’s. During your treatment you will stay in an excellent choices of luxury hotels near the clinic.

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

Turkey, centrally located in Europe and Middle East, provides services with 57 countries, serving 1 million people. In addition, Turkey has visa free access from more than 70 countries, which has Turkish Airlines having flights –to 120 countries, 299 cities, 302 airports- as well as national ones with its brand. These features make Turkey one of the ideal health tourism attractions in the region. 

Due to high level of qualified human resources, especially in medical staff, as well as geographical location, seasonal advantages, quality of health service provision, world- class technological and medical equipment, up to 60% favorable price advantage compared to Europe, Turkey is the first place in the top thermal resources concerning rapidly growing elderly population as well as youth population of the world along with traditional Turkish hospitality, which make Turkey the shining star in the world. Because of these, there is no obstacle preventing Turkey from becoming one of the tourist centers. There are three great advantages of medical tourism in Turkey; reasonable price, instant access to high quality care and treatment in the world standards. The biggest benefit offered by Turkey is saving of money. Many procedures are 50% to 70% less costly than the same treatment in the EU.

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